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What is WELLS & SONNE – Selected Short Stories by Chelsea Laine Wells and Lex Sonne

To begin with, this is  book of six selected short stories, three written by Chelsea Laine Wells, three written by Lex Sonne, both graduates of the Columbia College Chicago Fiction Writing program and illustrated by Derek Goodman, a graduate of Columbia’s  Graphic Design program. My press, Lark sparrow Press, working from their manuscripts will transform six stories into a 72-page, letterpress printed book with handset type, six 3 and 4 color illustrations,  hand-bound with Rhiannon Alper’s handmade paper and sewn on boards.   With all the art to be tipped in, it will take 5,550 – 6,000 impressions to complete. I would not be able to do this without the help of seven, committed Columbia College interns I will be working with four days a week. I’m hoping we will be done with the printing by December.