Spring and Summer at Lark Sparrow Press

The closer I got to the Codex International Book Fair, the harder and faster I had to work. Sometimes it seemed like I was doing the work of two people (see photo). I finished preparing for the show with one day to spare.

In the past, the Codex International Book Fair was held at the University of California, Berkeley campus. But this year, due to construction, the show was moved out of town to the Craneway Pavilion. Once at the show room, I was concerned it was so far away from downtown San Francisco I was concerned that maybe we would lose our audience. I was mistaken. By the end of the show over 2,000 guests had gone through the Pavilion looking at the design and print work of over 125 different presses and design studios.

I was happy to see that my collapsible book shelf (see photo) worked out so well. The whole six shelf construction fits in a carry-on piece of luggage and requires only 20 minutes to set up using only turnbuckles to erect it and keep it sturdy.

With the end of the school semester around the corner, I can reprint some sheets I was not satisfied with and finish the color work that I could not complete for the show. My summer will be spent marketing the book and preparing for printing the next book of short stories.

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