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It’s the end of the text.

Well, it’s done. Not the complete book, but the text for WELLS & SONNE, my sabbatical letterpress project is printed.  (And thanks to all the interns who went the extra mile with me. Please see their names on the blog.) Binding is next, then printing the art and tipping it onto the bound up pages. The complete art program, six illustrations that are three and four flat colors, will take between 1,600 and 2,000 hand pulled impressions. It should be easier than the text pages to print, because each color is on a separate plate and fewer things can go wrong on one plate than on a page that has 2,700 movable pieces.

Down to the wire on the text pages

Here at Lark Sparrow Press I’m down to the last five text pages that need to be printed for the WELLS & SONNE book. The brass name plates have been ordered and Rhiannon is just about done with the hand made end sheets. Amy will start up with the deluxe bindings. Then I will start on Derek’s wonderful illustrations. I’m finally feeling like all of the art will be ready for the Codex 2013 International Book Fair. It’s taken a small army of people to produce this book.

Thanks again to  to Hector, Lucy, Leslie and Lynette. Special thanks to Sarah for her unstinting contributions. And way to go to Sarah for snagging the a Hatch Show Print internship that starts in February!

Nothing is more discouraging than…

to find a misspelled word in a printed form (80 + pages). It means a reprint.

to find an open quotation mark where there is supposed to be a closed quotation mark in a printed form. It means a reprint.

to find bad kerning in an author’s name in a printed form because I’m using hand set type which doesn’t fit together optically. It means and hour of filing 12 point type and reprinting the form.